Privilege Health Card

Our vision is to be a part of complete family’s strategy on Health care and to provide Health care Solutions, Lifestyle, diet and Wellness with conventional treatment, to provide for comprehensive Health care Solutions for the family – all accessible through a single Card.


  • Get 2 Lakhs Insurance* Coverage
  • This card can be utilized for all your family members
  • You could utilize the card at PAN INDIA 30,000+ Hospitals, clinics, diagnostics, pharmacies, health & fitness centres
  • Your Privilege Health card will give you discount up to 40% PAN INDIA 30,000+ Hospitals, clinics, diagnostics, pharmacies, health & fitness centres

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  • Personalized Health Care Solutions
  • Pharmaceutical solution
  • Wellness products and service
  • Clinical Diagnostic Management systems.
  • Health care plans. .
  • Health care Networks.


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